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Under The Hood



When we perform Search Engine Optimization (often referred to as “SEO”), we diagnose ranking handicaps on your current site. But it doesn’t stop there – we attach keyword and description metadata to your site’s index page. This data is hidden to the public, but visible to search engine spiders who crawl your site and scrape it for information. We also add a custom robots.txt file to guide search engine bots to vital files and content on your site.


If you’ve ever purchased a custom site from a design company before, you’ve probably experienced the hassle and cost associated with making changes. Even the simplest changes could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Jerry R Cole Consulting Group offers sophisticated websites with powerful, intelligent backends that allow you to easily and efficiently grow and manage your content. Our content management tools are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a Microsoft Word style editor that allows you to make changes easily with no “code” experience required. We even protect your site with a secure login system.


Having a static website to give your business an online presence is just the beginning. Take your business to the next level by selling products on your website around the clock. Jerry R Cole Consulting Group can help you accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express payments online through PayPal, the world’s most trusted and recognized online payment gateway. Our introductory e-commerce package includes 9 products and 3 categories.


All of the websites we design include integration with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic. These statistics allow you to gain valuable business intelligence on key metrics such as site visits, page views, bounce rate, and average time on site. You can even use Google Analytics to understand how people are finding your site and from what part of the country or world they are accessing your site from. As a business owner, you can use this data to refine the structure of your site to attract the maximum number of paying customers.


Our introductory website packages offer you 5 pages. These are commonly used for a home page, about us page, location, contact us, and business profile. So what if you need additional pages for your site? No big deal – Jerry R Cole Consulting Group can design additional pages for as little as $50 per additional page depending on complexity. Contact us for additional details.


As technology advances, so does the demand for websites to provide a rich multimedia experience. Our websites offer you hundreds of megabytes of storage, allowing you to save and deliver thousands of photos, videos, files, or other content to your audience.


Most design companies charge a monthly fee just to host a website on their servers. As a business owner, those dollars add up fast. Jerry R Cole Consulting Group will host your site free – forever! Our hosting plans even include unlimited bandwidth, so it doesn’t matter whether you have one visitor or one million visitors, your website will continue to outperform your competitors’ and your price still remains free.


Not looking for a completely new website? Whether it’s project Management, staff training, CRM configuration, data analysis, or just a small tweak to your existing website, our team offers a wide range of skills to help your business. $100 per hour (3-hour minimum).


Technical Strengths


PHP & MYSQL / 80%
HTML & CSS / 75%


Recent projects

  • Against The Grain Pet Food

    Against The Grain Pet Food

    Against the Grain Pet Foods is makes high quality pet food, including their hand-shredded canned foods that showcase their quality once the can is open.

  • Macks Out Fitness

    Macks Out Fitness

    Macks Out Fitness helps individuals achieve their fitness and physical performance goals.

  • Alpha Towing & Recovery

    Alpha Towing & Recovery

    Alpha Recovery specializes in automotive asset recovery.

  • Pitstop Performance

    Pitstop Performance

    Pitstop Performance’s certified technicians provide performance customization, maintenance, and body repair services.

  • Evanger’s Dog Food

    Evanger’s Dog Food

    Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company is a pet food company that has produced the finest natural dog and cat food products in the United States for over 75 years.

  • I Buy Real Estate

    I Buy Real Estate

    I Buy Real Estate specializes in residential real estate acquisition.

  • Mettler European Design

    Mettler European Design

    Christine Mettler is a Scottsdale, Arizona based Interior Designer with a varied background and international exposure.

  • Rent In Anthem

    Rent In Anthem

    A private real estate investor needed help showcasing a new rental property to prospective tenants.